Frequently Asked Questions

Can the SUUS Racks hold Snowboards?

Yes! The SUUS Racks can accommodate snowboards, but you may need a higher volume (taller) cargo box. We recommend putting your snowboards on the inner slots and angling them towards the middle of the box. On the SR4 model you can utilize the wider middle ski pole slot for your board for a steeper angle if needed. 

Do the SUUS Racks work with different length skis?

Yes! The SUUS Rack is designed to fit a wide range of ski lengths and sizes. The spacing between the racks are 30” and work with most junior skis all the way up to the longest adult skis. 

How do I know which size rack to purchase? 

Most all cargo boxes have rails that run on the interior edges of the boxes. The adjustable wings on the SUUS Racks are designed fit just inside the rails, securing them in place. Our SR3 model can accommodate cargo boxes with a minimum interior width of 18”W and rails between 5” to 12”W. Our SR4 model can accommodate cargo boxes with a minimum interior width of 30” and rails between 15 ½” – 22 ½”W.

We have a Thule Atlantis series box that has multiple ribs on the floor. Does the SUUS Rack work with our box?

Yes! The adjustable feet on the SUUS Racks is designed to fit between the ribs of the Thule Atlantis series boxes. 

Can I use the SUUS Rack in the back of a truck bed?

Yes! If your truck bed is longer than your skis, the SUUS Rack is the perfect solution for keeping your skis safe and secure. We offer supplemental mounting brackets in place of the adjustable feet so you can mount the SUUS Rack directly to your truck or van bed with screws or magnets. The mounting brackets are adjustable to best fit the ridges on your specific truck. 

Is the SUUS Rack made in America?

Yes! We proudly design and manufacture the SUUS Rack in Bozeman, Montana, which as most people now know because of the hit show Yellowstone...that is pretty much our backyard but with a lot more snow then it depicts (and a little less drama).

Build with Versatility & Functionality

When it comes to fitting various rooftop cargo boxes, the SUUS Rack is meticulously engineered for versatility. Its installation is easy and hassle-free - simply adjust it to the ribs of your cargo box and set it inside. This straightforward process allows you to effortlessly transport your skis without any damage or unwanted noise.

Additional Questions? Please send them our way!