Our Story

SUUS Racks: Where innovation meets Adventure.

Once upon a snowy, mountainous landscape in the heart of Montana, a man named Sean found himself at the intersection of passion and necessity. With a thriving custom furniture fabrication business, his life was a whirlwind of creativity and craftsmanship. When winter arrived, he and his oldest son Colby yearned for spending more time together on the slopes. 

In an effort to simplify the ski commute and reduce fuel waste, Sean  traded in his everyday work truck for a weekend commuter but quickly found that fitting his skis inside was an impractical challenge. He needed a solution that could transform his modest vehicle into a  adventure-ready, weekend warrier. He quickly purchased a rooftop cargo box, believing it would solve his problem and enable him to transport the skis with ease. As he embarked on is first trip up the mountain, the incessant noise created by his beloved skis shifting around the box with every turn, every moment of acceleration, and every brake; sent shivers of annoyance down his spine, driving him to the brink of madness! He had to find a solution!

A smoother ride for your skis

Determined to find a better way, Sean embarked on a quest, scouring the internet and shopping the local shops to find a solution that would keep his skis both stable and silent during his journey to the slopes. He purchased a few items, hoping they would help, but none lived up to his expectations. Frustration grew and a thought began to take shape, "why not create a solution myself?"

Sean with his entrapreneurial spirit, set to work in his shop and quickly put together his first prototype. Countless hours of tinkering, testing, and refining led to the birth of SUUS Racks, a brand dedicated to crafting innovative and high quality storage and transport solutions for outdoor enthusiasts.       

Adventure awaits

SUUS Racks is more than a business; it is a testament to Sean's unwavering commitment to turning challenges into opportunities. Our products are engineered for stability, durability, ease of use, and most importantly quiet transportation, so your journey to the slopes is as serence as the mountain that awaits you.      

At SUUS Racks, we believe that every adventure should begin and end with ease and excitement. We're thrilled to share our passion for the great outdoors with fellow enthusiasts, enabling you to embark on your own epic journeys without any added noise and hassle. 

Join us on this incredible journey and experience the difference a SUUS Rack can make in your adventures. Whether you're a skier, snowboarder, or outdoor enthusiast, we're here to make your explorations smoother, quieter, and more enjoyable!